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NextML is a small but highly specialized team of machine learning engineers and programmers focused on solving real problems using the latest machine learning research.

We can take your ideas all the way to production using existing products, open solutions, or by developing everything from scratch. Our goal is to make sure that you see machine learning through a practitioner's lens and help you build the solutions that make you the machine learning pioneer of your industry.

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Göran Sandahl

Head of measurement unit, Infranord AB

“We have implemented a unique railway project together with NextML and are impressed by their work. Throughout the project, NextML have been dedicated, creative, and adapted to challenges. They have clearly shown that they are experts in machine learning.”

Markus Sällman Almén

Head of AI, Meta Immersive Synthetics

“We had a great collaboration with NextML where we were involved during the whole process. They created a state-of-the-art solution on time, ready for deployment that immediately provided value for us.”

Karl Skarman

CDO at IVC Evidensia

“NextML are interested, pragmatic, and proactive, which is excellent in a field that still included a lot of hype and fluff. It has been easy to get real output together with them.”

Amer Mohammed

CdO at Coop Sverige

“I believe that we can create the next generation of retail using technology. NextML is a great partner with the knowledge and skills to help us get there faster.”

Markus Ekelund

CEO at 2050 Consulting

“We switched machine learning partner to NextML in the middle of a project. With focus on real value they managed to deliver on both project objectives – useable results and an increased understanding of what AI really is.”

Henric Larsson

founder & CEO at Chimney group

“After 25 years, we at Chimney are rarely impressed, but NextML have succeeded. They are one of the few companies that really understands what AI is and how it can be applied in value-creating services that work today.”

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