Our approach
Learn about how we work on our projects

Our values


We are transparent and want to show exactly how we solve problems. Knowledge sharing is a big part of our philosophy.


We're never afraid to share what we do with customers and don't try to claim ownership of the things we develop together.


It should be profitable to solve problems fast and with high quality. That’s why we don’t work with hourly rates.

from idea to production

We go iteratively from a raw idea all the way to a production-ready implementation where the code is of high quality.


We never back down from a challenge because we love to develop software and to find the most effective solution to any given problem.

our process

We work with companies where machine learning provides real value for their customers. The best scenario is when we can collaboratively build and develop a product that covers their customer's needs.

simple algorithm

We always start with creating the simplest algorithm that adds some value. Sometimes, it's an open-source solution that we can just reuse, but it can also be a minimalistic algorithm that we develop and train ourselves.


When we have the first algorithm, we transition directly to implementation. You can spend thousands of hours improving an algorithm and we don’t want to waste time on that before we have a solid implementation in place.


Next, we have a maintenance agreement that includes retraining the algorithm on new data and other improvements of the solution.