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artificial intelligence

AI is the idea of machines capable of solving problems in the same way as living beings. It’s a broad term that includes several technologies, and machine learning is one of them.

machine learning

ML is currently the most promising method we have for creating something resembling real intelligence. Almost every newsworthy AI use-case you’ve read about has to do with machine learning.

machine learning is not magic

Machine learning is a technology that allows us to develop software with examples instead of rules. We create a big mathematical function and tune the parameters based on examples of input and expected output.

Initially, the algorithm is completely useless, but as we provide more examples, it slowly learns to create the output we expect.
Often, we create these examples manually by annotating data, but sometimes we do it programatically.

here is an example


why is it beneficial for you?

well-designed algorithms can add tons of value to any business from any industry

There are thousands of problems that are hard to solve with rule-based programming, but where machine learning works perfectly. Common examples are usually related to complex types of data such as text and images. It’s just not sensible to write those rules manually.
ml can be used to:

our approach

We approach machine learning as software developers. That means agile development and high quality code.

For us, a good implementation is just as important as a good algorithm, and is something that should be in place as early as possible.
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