Text recognition in factories for a large manufacturer

Text recognition in factories for a large manufacturer

We helped our customer to improve their solution for reading text in images and went from 4% error rate to a much better 0.2%.


our task was to replace an old ocr system in the factories of a manufacturer with one based on deep learning.


who’s the customer?

Our customer is a Swedish manufacturer, and just like most other similar companies, they work extensively with automation in their production. At one stage, they utilized OCR to read text containing instructions from images. However, the current solution had an error rate of around 3%, which wasn't good enough.


hardware limitations

Since we didn't have access to the internet, the only option was to deploy the algorithm directly on the hardware in the factories. Unfortunately, those computers came with CPU only, which is far from optimal for deep learning algorithms. Also, we needed to provide solutions for two different environments. One new based on C# and an older version using VB6.


what we delivered

We managed to implement a deep learning algorithm in both C# and VB6. A vital feature of this implementation is that the algorithm asks factory workers for help whenever it feels uncertain. When that happens, we collect the correct answer and store that image for future training.


improved error rate

When we started the project, the current OCR solution had an error rate of 2-4%. We managed to decrease that to 0.2% which saves the company thousands of hours.

Similar applications

You can use the exact same solution to do super-resolution or in-painting for another domain, such as fashion. Just replace the dataset with the images you want.

If you have something similar in mind, schedule a meeting, and let’s talk!

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